Board members



Georgian Nordic Board Members 2016

President: Cecil Smith

Trails: Don Brisbane

Treasurer: Mary Lynne Black

Buildings: Doug MacDonald

Membership, Sounder, Racing Rabbits: Ghislain Henry

Beaver Tales: Charlene Peck

Jackrabbit: Graham Poole, Greg Mason

Parry Sound Canoe Club: Lisa Robinson 

Biking trails: Wil Smith

Minutes: Tim Redmond

Junior Racing team, Coaching: Peter Wiltmann   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Para Nordic: Emily Fells

Adult instruction: Jack Hoffman

Board member at large: Ron Chase, Aleesha Mullen, Peter Daleman


Questions? Send them to   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Membership Report 2016-2017

This was a “comeback year” for membership at Georgian Nordic Ski and Canoe Club. After five years of steady membership decline, GNSCC has actually increased its membership by nearly 20% this past season. It is great when we get snow “on time” and we have awesome ski trails. Thank you to all the skiers who bought a membership. The membership income is essential to provide the funding that allow Georgian Nordic to maintain trails and equipment, as well as provide many of the programs that make Georgian Nordic a great ski club.

Your membership to Georgian Nordic also provides you with membership to Cross Country Canada (CCC) and Cross Country Ski Ontario (XCSO). Part of your membership to Georgian Nordic is transferred to CCC ($10.00), XCSO ($8.00), and the Southern Ontario Division ($1.00). To be a member club of XCSO and CCC brings with it significant benefits, including (from XCSO Membership Policy p.2):

 Coverage under CCC’s Liability Insurance policy;

 Directors and Officers liability insurance coverage;

 Access to CCC programming delivered through XCSO, including youth-oriented Skill Development (Jackrabbit) programs and Coaching Development programs;

 Access to competitive programs and the opportunity and framework for competitively-oriented skiers to participate in local, provincial, and national level competition and training programs, and the opportunity for such athletes to strive for excellence through membership on provincial or national teams.

 Access, as appropriate, to funding support obtained by XCSO for delivery of CCC and other programming at the provincial level.

 The value of being publicly associated with CCC and the sport of cross country skiing and the association with a healthy fitness-promoting sport for participants at all age-levels.

You can find more information regarding the XCSO Membership Policy and other XCSO Policies at in the “About” section.

Next season, we will implement the new procedures outlined in the XCSO Membership Policy that were revised in October 2016. Notably, we will have all participants in “Skiing Development Programs” (SDP) registered as GNSCC members. We will also discontinue the use of paper forms for membership registration. All membership purchases will be done through

If you have any questions regarding the XCSO membership Policy, or if you wish to have input in the development of the membership fee structure for next season, just attend the AGM at the Burrow on April 11th.

Ghislain Henry