Summer Biking Running

Upcoming Events (2016):
May 15th - Official Bike Opening Day (10am - 2pm)
July 23rd - XTERRA Parry Sound
For 2016, the goal is to grow on the success of our inaugural year.  Last year saw the cycling club attract about 100 members, plus a similar number of day users.  Most events were of modest size, although XTERRA Parry Sound was a true success and saw an impressive 200 competitors in its inaugural year.  This year it will even serve as the Ontario Cross Triathlon Championships!
We seem to have many more ideas than resources, and always run short on time and materials to do everything that we dream of.  But, we continue to work together towards improving and growing the mountain biking opportunities at Georgian Nordic, one step at a time.
For this year, we have been busily partnering with the Amazing Places program, developing new maps and signage.  We do expect that this will translate into larger numbers of summer trail users, both on foot and on bike.  Everyone is reminded that all people using the trail outside of the ski season should purchase either a day pass or a membership in Get Outdoors Parry Sound.
The trail crew have been busily working to perform the usual maintenance duties needed to prepare the trails after a winter season, and have also been working to enhance opportunities and access along other trails within the Georgian Nordic system.  The Rattlesnake Extension has recently been cleared, and this trail (with one rather steep hill) takes riders around a former beaver wetland, with a scenic picnic spot along the way.  A small ramp even takes you up onto an old beaver dam to complete the loop!
Newer sections of singletrack are also being developed within the Short Lynx area.  Some sections are already ready for riding, while others remain a work in progress.  All riders are warned to use extra caution while on these trails, as not all have been marked or even completed.
After surveying some of the trails with the Georgian Nordic trail manager, we determined that the Short Otter would be an excellent project to tackle, and that's next on our list to open up.  Following that, we will aim to make impropvements to Bear, Fox, and Beaver to bring them up to a level where riders can enjoy them.  It is worth noting that many of the enhancements will also serve to improve access for the ski grooming in the wintertime - a win-win scenario for skiers and cyclists alike.
We have also been busily working on developing a Get Outdoors Parry Sound website.   This website will accept online payments for club memberships and day passes.  For those who prefer to purchase their passes in person, support local cycling, and get friendly trail advice, we are continuing to also sell trail passes through both of the local cycling shops: Parry Sound Bikes and Trysport.
Building on the success of the "Take a Kid Mountain Biking" event last fall, we are also aiming to have a few family-style events where riders of all ages can come and hone their abilities on a skills/obstacle course.  As well, both Trysport and Parry Sound Bikes are tentatively planning to hold regular group rides through the summer, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings - check the store websites for details.