Spreading the word (2015/2016)

Charlene Payerl, Publicity

Peter Wiltmann, Web

This year, our new website has become a major means for increasing the profile of the Georgian Nordic Ski Club and promoting its events, not only to members and local skiers, but particularly anyone outside the area, who might be searching online for cross country ski opportunities. Board directors have been adding content and are constantly discovering new ways the site can improve our ability to connect with current and prospective skiers and members, as well as day users and competitors for our events. The redesign from Sound Software was chosen for its ease of use on mobile devices and across various screen resolutions; its user-friendly navigation; and ability to include social integration. We are hoping skiers got into the habit of checking the site for up-to-date trail conditions, coming events and recent Twitter feeds.

A special thanks goes out to those who have been actively posting news and photos on the Club’s Facebook page.

A GNSCC blog was posted on the Parry Sound Tourism site; events were posted on local events listings; and two ads were placed in the Beacon Star. Brochures at a cost of 25¢ each, were distributed in key locations in town and two large bundles were sent outside the area for distribution. One went to the Ontario Tourism Centre in Barrie and the other went to the Ontario Tourism office in Toronto. The board will consider the feasibility of printed brochures for the upcoming year.

Mid-way through the season, membership in the Ontario Snow Resorts Association was explored. This would entitle our club’s trail conditions to be promoted with those of other OSRA member clubs that we hear on radio and television. Last year the fee was $282.50 for clubs with revenue under $20,000. Strict criteria based on facilities available (parking, washrooms, first aid, trails etc.) must be met to be eligible. It seems a reasonable cost if we want to expand our day-use draw.

Expanding bus trip marketing was not touched on this year, but may be a source of increased revenue.

It would also be great to have someone from the local accommodation sector involved on the board, as a ‘business liaison director’ establishing ski-and-stay packages, and rewarding businesses that promote the club with reduced-cost day passes for their guests.

Charlene Payerl