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 Jackrabbit 2015 Year End

Ah marshmallows over an open fireAh marshmallows over an open fire

 It was another great ski season with 125 skiers in Jackrabbit this year.  We had a total of 9 sessions including popular theme days like the Marshmallow Roast, Sounder Ski Tour Snow Sculptures, and Crazy Hat Day.  We had large groups of new skiers in our youngest age groups and a large group of Racing Rabbits.Despite having a bit of a slow start with sparse snow in early January, the conditions quickly became excellent thanks to the hard work of the club’s grooming team.  We also had fantastic support from our volunteer coordinators Ruth Ostrom and Kathleen McGill and a large group of parent volunteers.  We would not be able to provide the program that we do without the support of all of our volunteers.

Like in recent years, our team of coaches did a great job.  We had over 40 coaches this year made up of parents, adults from the community, and a vibrant group of high school students.  All of these coaches bring incredible enthusiasm, commitment, and energy to the program every week.  They are coordinated by Zack Crafts and me (Graham Poole).  Our role is to organize the coaching groups, provide support and mentorship for all coaches, and cover coaching absences.Besides the regular annual cost of CCC swag (hats and buffs) of $15.50/skier, additional large expenditures within the program this year included the purchasing of logoed toques for all Jackrabbit coaches and a pizza lunch for our early season coaching workshop.

We look forward to another great Jackrabbit next year and intend to continue with a similar program.  One big change is that Zack Crafts is moving on from his Jackrabbit Coordinator position after many years.  He has been a tremendous driving force behind the program’s recent growth and vitality and will be missed very much.  We are fortunate that Zack is intending to still be involved in the program in a coaching role.  We continue to look for a replacement for Zack to work with Graham for the 2016 Jackrabbit ski season.


Submitted by Graham Poole

We have fun, how about you?We have fun, how about you?

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