President & Treasurer's report




The only constant in the operation of the modern cross country ski club seems to be change.  Last year at this time I remarked on the unusual weather, but that changed to a wetter, milder winter, in spells, followed by cold when we didn't expect it.  It was a challenge for all our activities.  Races were rescheduled and delayed. The trails were closed then open again in wonderful condition. Things ever changing.

More changes are in store as Peter Daleman and Mary Lynne Black leave the board while Andrew Manwaring and Steve Krause have joined.  Changes occurred in grooming as Don Brisbane developed a new team.  Even the equipment has changed as we put a new groomer and a snow machine into service.  Likewise, in the Burrow, Aleesha Mullen made changes as coordinator of Skier Services.  More refinements will be introduced next year to smooth Burrow operations,

The rental program is being changed by an outside force as Salomon stops producing SNS boots and bindings.  We hope for a gradual change over as older equipment wears out and is replaced.  Our rental skis, boots and poles were in heavy rotation as school groups and racers from public elementary and First Nations schools dodged the raindrops to take advantage of our facilities.

Our events and ski programs were successful in spite of challenging thaw cycles.  The Sounder tested the wills of event organizer Ghislain Henry and trail boss Don Brisbane.  One of the guest skiers said, “Thank you for your perseverance.”, as the rain eased and the delayed start time loomed.  That just about summed it up. Mary Lynne Black has left the books in good shape and our financial affairs well managed.  She has made quite a contribution.  Another contribution was made by Emily Fells who pulled together another great Women on Skis event.  Greg Mason was a groomer, Jack Rabbit coordinator and grant applicant on our behalf.  The many Sounder and elementary race volunteers also deserve a vote of thanks.

Our successful ski programs for children come with challenges.  Peter Wiltman's Junior race program graduates are doing very well, but costs associated with going to events need to be addressed.  The midget racers under Ghislain also represent a monetary challenge.  To this end, Ron Chase has struck a committee which is working hard to develop policies, fee structures, guidelines and promotional materials to make the race program sustainable.  Some form of honoraria to defray the costs of team leader and volunteer support staff seems essential at this point.  A successful fundraising program would solve a lot of problems.

Tim Redmond records and publishes our minutes, but also monitors the webmail.  As a result we have been able to host various bus tour ski groups from the Toronto area.  Speaking of publishing, how about the excellent on line Beaver Tales produced  by Charlene Payerl?  Regular readers of the Beaver Tales are kept well informed by this attractive newsletter.  The website is also the place where Facebook and Twitter provide interesting items like the entertaining Racing Rabbit Olympic themed video.

Next season we must look at working with the Rotary Club to reinvent the Ski-a-Thon which has lost a certain lustre.  Picking a weekend which will not conflict with other activities is key.  We may also have to introduce an element of competition to spice things up.  Looking forward, we also anticipate the development of a Parry Sound High School ski program as part of Sue Badger's physical education curriculum.  Graham Poole did a joint PSHS ski team training session with Huntsville High at our club and this may be another opening door.

As summer sets in, Aleesha and Wil Smith plan some cycling events for our trails.  The Get Outdoors Parry Sound group will also be helping Don with the summer trail development program.  Last summer and fall's work on the Wolf has made it a much better trail to ski so the benefit we derive from their efforts is easily seen.

As we put away our skis and climb onto our bikes, we salute a very successful season and the great people who made it so.



 Treasurer Report overview 2018

Treasurer Report 2018