President & Treasurer's report

President's Report 2015 The 2014-15 ski season started slowly and steadily gained momentum. Well, actually, from an administrative point of view, it started with a real rush of activity as the Board and particularly Peter Daleman had to work hard and fast to implement a partnership agreement with the North Bay and Parry Sound District Health Unit. We had to complete our part of the arrangement by December 31, 2014, but it was well worth the effort as the new snow machine and signage we obtained took a lot of potential financial strain off the club. Thanks to the Health Unit we were also able to expand our support for the elementary schools ski program. We made free rentals available and that allowed more kids than ever to take part. You will note that our big sign in the parking lot acknowledges the sponsorship of the Health Unit. The first event of the year was the ski swap held on November 29th where goods changed hands at bargain prices and parents signed children up for the Jackrabbit Program. That Saturday morning program began in January and ran into March with great weekly success due to the efforts of Graham Poole, Zack Crafts and their wonderful army of volunteers. Springing into action at the same time we saw Racing Rabbits under Ghislain Henry and the Georgian Nordic Race Team under Peter Wiltman. They had been preparing, training, conditioning and planning for some time before they appeared on the snow. Committed racers, and we have some of the best in the province, train and prepare all year round. Nora Alexander chaired the Women on Skis program this year. The event teaches skills and is a great social occasion at the same time. Women on Skis also raises money for the club, particularly when fully subscribed as it was. Nora and her team of volunteers deserve a vote of thanks from all of us. Ghislain Henry who is our membership maven and Racing Rabbit co-ordinator was also responsible for mounting the Sounder Race event. As you can imagine, he is anxious to recruit a new Sounder coordinator and would be very helpful to any or all applicants. With his group of able helpers he was able to stage a great finale as Sounder headman this year. It was, as usual, a great success with prizes for innumerable participants from all over West Central Ontario. In spite of reasonably cold weather the club hosted two elementary school race events and again club members volunteered with enthusiasm. The results were excellent. The teachers and school system in general are our partners in skiing at the Georgian Nordic. They are an important ingredient in our success present and future. Agnes Wong of the Rotary Club worked with the Board and Scotia Bank to hold the Rotary Ski-a-thon on Family Day weekend. This event is a key fundraiser for us and the $ 5 000. raised will help us continue to provide quality ski experiences for our members. Managing a ski club in this day and age is no easy task. We have to watch our costs carefully and manage our finances skillfully. Luckily we have a treasurer who not only looks after our money, but helps to raise funds as well. It would be an anxious occupation chairing a board without a good treasurer like Mary Lynne Black. Most recently, she examined our insurance costs and was able to find coverage at a lower premium. No small feat in the current climate. When Doug MacDonald took a short winter vacation our reliance on his skills became readily apparent. The water system malfunctioned and we were thrown into a well of confusion until he returned to set things right. He also has electrical skills which save us from the expensive service calls we might otherwise incur. Doug also helped with the timing of the Ontario Masters Championship Races at the juncture of February and March. A fabulous team of volunteers presented this amazing three day event for skiers from all over the province. Importantly it was a money maker for the club and the many members who worked to achieve this success deserve a great deal of credit. When the club holds events for local skiers and those from away, the quality of our trails is always commented on in the most favourable terms. The credit for this is due to Peter Daleman and his early rising, tireless and immensely capable team. The new snow machine we were able to purchase due to the partnership with the Health Unit also played a part. Even as March wears into April, people are calling from out of district, wondering if our trails are still in good shape, such is our sterling reputation. Our secretary, Tim Redmond has been an important link in the management of our new website. Hardly a day goes by that he hasn't put something in my email inbox. Along with this task, Tim is the custodian and creator of our board minutes. It is no small feat to make sense out of our various discussions. Minutes provide the board with focus and a sense of continuity so Tim's contributions are most important. Setting up our new website and using it to promote the club, report on conditions and activities and publish our newsletter has been rather like inviting a dragon into your house. Peter Wiltman and Charlene Payerl have battled valiantly to keep it under control. The bright new image it gives the club and its use of modern communication tools and technologies has been a huge step forward. Charlene and Peter deserve great credit. Beaver Tales has morphed into a website driven publication and Charlene can tell you that hasn't been nearly as easy as it looks. Next year we'll see further website development and we can look forward to that with eager anticipation. The club is entering a new phase of summer activity under the aegis of Wil Smith. He is organizing two events for this summer involving running, swimming and trail biking. Wil is also our Vice President and is our chair when the President is unable to attend. I can only say things seem to run quite smoothly without me. In closing, let us acknowledge the contributions of Ron Coulson, who maintains our rental stock and our unfailingly conscientious Burrow staff who make visitors welcome and facilitate all of our events and programs. Mary Lynne Black Treasurer Report March 31, 2015