President & Treasurer's report


April 2016 PRESIDENT'S REPORT for the 2016 Annual General Meeting of the GNSCC What a momentous year of change, addition and subtraction. In the first case, and after many years of exemplary service to the club, our Trails Supervisor and veteran board member, Peter Daleman was forced to withdraw to a minor role. The excellence of our trails in a difficult weather year stand as mute testimony to the success of his efforts over many seasons. We were then most fortunate to have Don Brisbane step into Peter's role and provide excellent leadership in grooming our trails and maintaining our equipment. Club members have been full of praise. It was a seamless transfer of responsibility. It was our designated club thief who occasioned the subtraction we endured. He may have been successful, but we suffered a series of losses as a result. Not only did we lose our computer, two chainsaws, a pole saw, a winch and some tools, but we were forced to install an alarm system and a video surveillance system as a result. Ardco Systems of Parry Sound came to our aid, installing the system for a minimal fee. We are most appreciative. The club's programs ran smoothly and with great success this year. Clever management of the weather enabled us to get our events off in fine style. Jackrabbits, under the guidance of Graham Poole added elements for skiers with special needs. Jackrabbits had training sessions for coaches and volunteers were also instructed in techniques for assisting visually impaired skiers. The club continues its outreach to schools and special needs members of the community by offering our facilities and rental equipment at minimal to no cost. We have seen good results and hope to expand our involvement. Our Burrow staff and club volunteers have made such programming possible. Ghislain Henry and Peter Wiltmann have provided countless hours of coaching for our young skiers and the results of their work are evident in the success our team members have enjoyed provincially. Because we have a pool of many Jackrabbit skiers, we have many Racing Rabbits and they feed into our junior race program. We are proud to be Provincial Midget Champions and to have a number of highly ranked skiers in the provincial development program. Mary Lynne Black, our treasurer has done a fine job shepherding our finances, assisting the Canoe Club sub-committee in its reintegration into the club, managing our insurance issues, coordinating the board and Rotary Club efforts to include special needs skiers and assisting with the Rotary Ski-a-thon. Lisa Robinson is the chair of the Canoe Club committee and has worked with her team to establish themselves within the structure of the board. So, we are not just skiers, but also paddlers and, with Get Outdoors Parry Sound, we are cyclists. Our VP, Wil Smith has been building a cycling presence at the club. He developed a winter cycling insurance protocol to ensure all trail users and our club are properly insured. He has an exacting calendar of summer events in store. Speaking of summer, the summer use of our trails should increase with the cooperation of our local partners, the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve. They are helping to promote our trails as a hiking destination and will provide signage to guide folks around our “Amazing Place”. Beaver Tales continues to develop its on-line presence under the skilled hand of Charlene Payerl. Running a newsletter through a website involves accepting the challenge of dealing with a steep learning curve. The result has been terrific and is a point of pride for our club. Charlene has now integrated some advertising into the newsletter to help sustain it and we hope more ads will follow. She is also spearheading our efforts to publicize the work of our coaches, skiers and ski programs to a wider audience. Doug MacDonald manages our buildings and our tireless, knowledgeable, competent and irreplaceable Burrow staff. Without his and their efforts, our programs simply would not function. Our club seems to do a little more each year and next year our Women on Skis coordinator, Nora Alexander is teaming with Aleesha Mullen, from the board, to develop a series of activities for active women. Aleesha is also a key member of the summer cycling initiative on our trails at Nine Mile. The board itself would be lost in confusion without the efforts of Tim Redmond, our secretary. He not only keeps our minutes and reminds us of our past decisions and those deferred, but also passes on our web-mail. His efforts are key to our efficient operation as a board. The goals, functions and activities of the GNSCC are becoming much more complex. The work of our board members is expanding and we are functioning now as a twelve month organization. As such, we need funds and Ron Chase has taken on the task of obtaining for us a Trillium Grant. It is no easy task and we wish him success. We need a new snow machine and some grooming equipment which, if obtained by grant, will greatly ease the financial pressure. Nevertheless, these are exciting times for our club and the future is full of promise. Cec Smith Treasurer's report 2016 Mary Lynne Black GNSCC Membership Report April 12, 2016 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 (new) 2010-2011 (new) 2011-2012 2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 Adults 107 116 226 221(47) 203(33) 181 182 172 189 187 Couple 42 45 Family 69 77 85 79(12) 90 (21) 84 (for 339 members) 74 (for 344 members) 46 (194 members) 49 (207 members) 36 (157 members) Student 18 22 33 25(10) 33(5) 34 22 34 28 28 Total # of members 482 527 611 586 600 554 548 400 424 372 Membership Report 2015-2016 GNSCC had 372 members this past season. There were 187 adult memberships, 36 family memberships that includes 157 individuals, and 28 student memberships. We continue to observe a trend where fewer families are joining GNSCC. This trend could be attributed to demographics, as well as the fact that we have not received consistent snow to operate in November and December in the past few years. The adult membership as well as the student membership remains mostly constant over the past few years. It is recommended that the membership campaign be started in September for the coming season and that we continue to publicize our “member benefits” better. Ghislain Henry Georgian Nordic Ski and Canoe Club Link to Treasurer's report at bottom.