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Looking for someone to volunteer for the 2017/2018 season            DISTANCE CLUB to post and monitor a spreadsheet posted on the wall in the burrow.
Have you ever wondered how many kilometers you ski in a season. Now you can track your distances right at the club. All you have to do is put your name on the Distance club spreadsheet, fill in the kilometers you ski each time and add them up for the week. There is also a spot to keep track of your overall total at the end of each week. 
Everyone can participate, from Bunnyrabbit to Masters Skier, from racer to recreational skier. 
A prize for the skier with the most kilometers at the end of the ski season will be awarded!!!
One rule: You can only count kilometers you ski at the club.  Well, tell you what, that was last year. So be sure to count all your k's and all your miles, and all your meters. Worldwide that is.
Get ready! Snow is on the way.
Come yourself, bring your friends, bring your family. Swooshing, skiing, laughing.

Photo courtesy of Bob and Rose Smyth.