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Comparison of length of ski seasons – based on first and last day of grooming.








Dec.4 – Mar.24

Dec. 2 – Mar.30

Dec.28 – Mar.11

Dec.19 – April 1

Nov.26-April 5

Nov.17 – April 7

111 ski days

119 ski days

73 ski days

100 ski days

130 ski days

130+ ski days




We again enjoyed a long ski season for the 2nd year in a row. The number of days for this season were adjusted for the brief mild spell during Christmas week. The previous years were not adjusted by rain days etc. By the end of March there were just a few keen skiers left so April 4th was the last day to groom some of the trails. Since early January, the trails were in great shape for the season including the back trails such as the Beaver, Otter and Bear which need a substantial snow base to allow setting a decent track.



Signage – there had been plans to replace some of the trail signs this year and were fortunate to receive a corporate sponsorship from the Parry Sound-North Bay Health Unit to replace most of our maps, entrance and trail signs. This was a significant undertaking sprucing up many of the way finding signs with separate maps for the Main Trails and the Play Trails.



Equipment – The Health Unit Sponsorship provided funds for another Bear Cat snowmachine which helped with the grooming of the trails. The Scandic was used sparingly but continues to be a valuable back up machine. The snowmachines all seem to require some mid-season repairs therefore, a backup machine was very important especially when preparing trails for the many events held at the club this year. It is anticipated that our present snowmachines will be adequate for at least one more season with likely replacement required for one of machines for the 2016/17 season.


Our main grooming equipment is a 7’ wide Ginzu drag purchased in 2006 is beginning to show signs of fatigue. It required 3 substantial welding repairs this season and we are indeed fortunate to have both Sandy Macfie and Peter Loch available to make the repairs, often with little notice all for the price of a charitable receipt. We need to budget for a replacement 7’ Ginzu within the next few years.


Grooming – Except for the last 2 weeks in December, we had more than enough snow to work with to produce high quality trails for the ski season. The months of January & February had many days of heavy snow or extreme cold. We were fortunate that on the scheduled special event days – Women on Skis, Sounder, Ski-A-Thon, Elementary School events, Ontario Masters and most Jackrabbit Saturdays ‘Mother Nature’ gave us a small break with decent weather. Each of these events require additional trail preparation, extra trackset, course signage setup & takedown.


The groomers were out almost every day in the early months to stay on top of the snow. Some days we did not succeed when after 4 hours of work, ‘Mother Nature’ erased all we gained. Besides the grooming, our large parking lot needed to be cleared regularly, as often as 3 – 5 times some weeks.

I wish to thank the other groomers, Don Brisbane, Dan Waddell and Lois Moffat for their hard work and dedication to give you a great ski season.


Peter Daleman