You like to ski. You are intrigued by nordic technique, sport psychology, physical training, mental training, waxing, or all of the above. Your kid just joined this curious junior team, and you are not sure what all the fuss is.

 You want to learn more about it all or just one aspect at a time.  You may be wondering if you would enjoy coaching. You are just not sure if you have time or if you are comfortable with that.

Why not give it a try? We will try to give you an opportunity in which you can just watch or get involved, do a task. We would love to hear from you, we need coaches to do many things. We are a small town, small club and we are very fortunate to have what we have.

But we need to hear from you. Don't be shy. Come along to an Ontario Cup, to a local race, join us for a waxing session. In the summer, we train once a week on roller skis or do the famous Lappe Ski walk. Meet the team, young and old, no age limit. Just join us, no pressure.

Feel free to talk about skiing.

Questions? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 2015 AGM Coaching Report and Discussion