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Left to right, back row: Malcolm Thompson, Tomaz Cigler, Graham Ritchie, Noah Thompson, Coach Peter, Matjaz Cigler, Lindsay Raymond, Shaylynn Loewen. In front Emily and Kate Beirnes.Left to right, back row: Malcolm Thompson, Tomaz Cigler, Graham Ritchie, Noah Thompson, Coach Peter, Matjaz Cigler, Lindsay Raymond, Shaylynn Loewen. In front Emily and Kate Beirnes.

  9 skiers went to the 4th Ontario Cup, the final provincial event of the season. Georgian Nordic was represented with the biggest team yet at an Ontario Cup.  The race organizers in Timmins decided to reopen registration for one day. Whatever made them do that, Lindsay Raymond wanted in last minute, so we added her to the team for Timmins.

 Home of the Porcupine Ski Runners, famous for a very successful team in the 70' right through the 90's. Skiers like Natasha Kullas led a team under Lorne Luhta, famous for sweeping Ontario Cups with several of their skiers. New coaches jumped in trying to rebuild after these skiers left for other places, scholarships, etc. All the best, this is a huge job. The new chalet serves an event like an Ontario cup rather well, skiers are looked after serious here. Beatifully groomed wide trails and a well laid out stadium meet all the criteria for fun racing. Thank you Timmins!

Day one was skating. All our skiers were on green glider most of the year, green worked in Timmins again. Cold, crisp corn snow. Close to -20, a race delay was not necessary for the first time this season. Lindsay showed us how to race after her injury held her back most of the season. Bravo for taking a chance to travel and race with the crazy ski team. It was her first Ontario Cup race, and we really hope she can recover to race skate and classic next year. Lindsay and Shaylynn skied together, but only Shaylynn raced. Tough decisions need to be made, this one Lindsay made a week before. Good call, recovery has to be taken serious.

Skating is number one in our town you would think, Parry Sound skiers get lots of practice with the school team and the racing team. But its not that simple. It really comes down to what each individual is doing in the summer. Every hour on roller skis, pole walking, strength in the gym is about skiing. Not for everybody, you say? Our first year skiers Graham wanted to know what all this year round training was about. So did Shaylynn and Lindsay. That showed long before Timmins that  their technical skills are beginning to excel.

Well, the classic race was a real test of our entire program. Nakkertok shows up with their best junior boys. So Graham and Noah had this plan. Dave shot a great short video of what happens after the gun goes off.

Watch the 30 second clip: Mass start tactics

Here they are, Graham (20) and Noah (leaderbib).Here they are, Graham (20) and Noah (leaderbib). 

Here they are, Graham (20) and Noah (leaderbib).


Matjaz (69), Emily closely behind.Matjaz (69), Emily closely behind.

Matjaz (69), Emily closely behind. Great classic skiing. Notice how shallow the track is. Grooming with Ginzu groomer, trying to avoid tilling the snow. It was a totally different condition to deal with. Untilled snow changes in the sunlight. Gliding properties were not as good as tested earlier. Our skiers adapt to less than ideal conditions at any time.


Malcolm skiing well technically, powered by the leaders bib.


  Only 3 skiers in his age group, it got pretty lonely for Tomaz, somewhere on the trail, with one skier ahead and one behind, somewhere on this 5k course. No problem, "ah" he says with a smile. Tomaz is learning to focus on his technical skills and perception of speed. How hard can he go for how long, you ask? Science will one day refer to the Tomaz factor.


Kate is an experienced classic skier.



 Mass start classic race, 5k. She did it in 17:00. Try to ski the Lynx under 20 minutes, will ya!
 Shaylynn has adapted to skiing with focus on a lot of different things.
Joe ran her up a hill, about 1k back from where I took this photo. At that point she was in second place, chasing the leader...closely. Joe encouraged her to pass, so she did. Here she is in first, well ahead. Its ok to win.

"A bit better each time, technically" its Shaylynn's philosophy. Its kind of like she wrote the book on coaching. I am merely the guy who comes along, with great pleasure. She likes to ski, really likes to train, alone or with others, always looking for a better way. " I think so" she says.


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