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Graham qualifies for Junior Worlds Graham qualifies for Junior Worlds

Graham is headed to Goms, Switzerland by the end of the month. He qualified for a spot on the Canadian World Junior team. How did he do that?
Well, simply put he skied really well at Trials held in Mont Sainte Anne Jan 6 to 10. 
He qualified first in skate sprints, finishing second by a boot length in the final heat, and had a second and forth place in 3 different races. His overall results were solid enough to get a thumbs up at a National Jury meeting after his final classic race January 10. The team is probably already in France by the time you read this. Its a training camp, location carefully  selected by Victor Wiltmann, who is assisting Camille Cheskey (NDC tech and assistant coach) and the World junior coaching team followed by taking another team on the B-tour in Europe. 
I like to add a couple notes to all the media reports, a perspective from the ground here in Parry Sound. This was made possible only as a result of several years of many people contributing to the coaching of a local kid who acquired the love for the sport, eventually qualifying for a spot on the National Team development Center in Thunder Bay. Thank you all. Graham never stopped looking at the broader perspective of the sport, he has a strong yes yes yes attitude.
Photo shows Graham with team buddy Julien Smith. Both are members of the NTDC team in Thunder Bay. There are 3 training centers like that in Canada. This photo was taken right after his second place finish at Skate Sprints, Jan 9. 
Shay racing up in MSA 2018 January Skate SprintsShay racing up in MSA 2018 January Skate Sprints 
Shaylynn is still on this unstoppable comeback in skiing. It was disheartening to watch a young person not being able to do as she had so far, progress was measurable so far. 
She had decent results a couple years ago, but more importantly she was quite content with where she was, solidly making progress in all aspects of her training and performing. She learned so much about feedback and technical stuff, about smart training. 
All this came to a  gradual aggravating slowdown due to things we did not know much about. She wanted to find out what it was real bad, she was extremely frustrated that things were getting worse. This started a new process of communicating, we needed to step up a lot of testing, consulting, many things, we were fishing in the dark a lot of times. 
She trusted this with all her heart. Again it took the work and input of many people to find out a new path for her, there were some moments that tested her mental toughness. We had no idea at times where this was going. But she was determined not to give up. 
By mid November in 2016 she was starting to turn a corner, as weak as the signals were. We had to make sure she stayed on this path, it was like learning how to ski all over, yes, from the very beginning of things. She was tough by now. She always wanted to know what the limits were in the past, it was a fun thing then. This process gave her enough mental strength for the long haul. She found these limits or boundaries do not actually exist, it was something that struck me as coach in a big way. Hey boys, take that from a girl, eh! 
Yes, we had to talk about everything that is important in life. Well, turns out competitive skiing was something she really wants in her life, no doubt in her mind. A maturing athlete looking straight ahead. Shaylynn Loewen.