Better than before


Superski means better skis. We are going to offer wax clinics again. 20.00 fee goes to the racing team. Beginner to expert clinics.

Superski means better skiing. Natural skating? Classic is fantastic? 20 minutes will change your skiing forever.

Superski means working together in small groups or one on one. 

When? Selected Saturdays this winter. As soon as we have snow. Check our calendar.  

  Waxing - 

  • Classic is all about getting grip.
  • Feel the glide on waxable skis, you will never go back to waxless.
  • Feel better glide on skate skis, learn about structure and how to apply it.

Skiing - 

  • Classic skiing, improve one thing in your technique.
  • Skate technique, ski more relaxed, use your body to create momentum to climb hills. Enjoy more glide.
  • Double poling - learn to engage the core.
  • Downhill cornering, maintain momentum with confidence.
  • Carving, sliding, bombing and much more fun stuff.
  • Want to get better at coaching a skill progression?

Anyone invited. Let us know if you are interested. We will book you in.

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