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 Updated April 9, 2017 

Kate B. :

Hey Peter, 
I don't have any recent photos of me skiing, but here is one of me in a tug of war competition a couple weeks ago! It was a part of a large expo on campus called College Royal. There are beef and dairy shows, as well as petting zoo, tug of war, log racing, square dancing and lots of other stuff! It's completely student run and is a ginormous draw to campus. The whole thing goes on for 12 days but open house it about 3-4. 
I am the second last tugging, I am with my team of friends from the OAC (Ontario Agricultural college within the University of Guelph). My grandpa graduated from the OAC in 1964, and 3 of my uncles as well. My program is associated to the OAC  and there is so much stuff going on in the college, it's such a blast. We have all kinds of sports tournaments, banquets, competitions for anything. This past Friday actually was our annual pig roast where we go to someone's farm, eat pork on a bun and play football/ wrestle in the mud!! You literally get covered in mud! 
Anyways that's a little glimpse of my school life, I fit school work in there somehow!! 
Kate tug of war Agricultural school Guelph.PNGKate tug of war Agricultural school Guelph.PNG
Kate April 8, 2017:
Hi Peter! 
Hope all is well with you. School is great and I am really enjoying it, heading into exams now but it will be over just over 2 weeks!
Just read the page you had written with our input about GBs last year when we won on the GN website. I had forgotten about the little details of that day and it made me so happy to read through. 
I have not skied on the University team this year, but have been staying active with lots of running and going to the gym along with intramurals. I broke my foot playing soccer in October and that prevented me from skiing all winter (probably the first time this has happened since I was 4 years old). I was only home a couple times but my foot was never up for anything. I've started running again the past few months and that has been great but the injury really set me back and added to challenges of first year. Having to get around campus on crutches was hell. And not being able to do any sports was even worse. Along with already gaining weight from not eating as well I just felt all around crappy. But thankfully after lots of physio and help from friends I am back on my feet (literally). 
I really do miss the skiing, especially after reading that article. But I know that I am not up for taking on the ski team here. They are a lot of fun, and kind of intense too, and I know I just can't handle it on top of schoolwork and other extracurriculars. I was actually on 2 student councils this year. 

But, sport has not left my life and I have to make sure that I do some sort of activity every day to keep me from going crazy! All the stuff I learned about training and maintaining a healthy lifestyle while doing stuff you love is something I learned on the ski team and will stay with me forever. 

Kate when she was on the team. 


                                         Kate Beirnes, training at Kinsmen November 2013. A get away.

 Hmmm some good thinker questions.

1- How did you end up in the sport of cross country skiing?
I started skiing when I was 5. I remember not liking it very much and my mom making me go. But then I continued with it and actually started liking it! Haha I started liking it a lot. I loved the sport and decided to get more competitive with it. That just continued until where I am today. 
 2- What accomplishments are you most proud of? [these can be sport related- but don't necessarily have to be!]
I am proud of different ski races of mine. I have had good races and bad races but I learned more from my bad ones. I learned to persevere and try again. When you do that it's never really failing. I am proud of my realization of that. 
3- What major goals are you working towards right now? Right now I am working towards good grades. It used to come easy but now it's a bit more of a challenge! Haha. I want to get into a university in a cool destination. My goal is to be accepted to Memorial university for environmental science. 
 4- If you had 3 tips for people what would they be? [some tricks, tips, or solid pieces of advice you've learnt over the years]. Always tie your shoes before running. 
Fall in the snow at least one time during ski practice. 
Don't forget to have fun! 
 5- What's something people may not know about you?People may not know that I like to travel! I have been lucky enough to travel many different places in and out of Canada. When I am older I plan to travel more and live in the great white north. 
Kate racing at Ontario Cup in Duntroon, skate sprints. 2013