Fast and Female

Marie Claire flying high
Shayna Herr ripping it up at 2014 Nationals
Corner Brook, NFLD.                                         
 1- How did you end up in the sport of cross country skiing?
1. I ended up in the sport of cross-country skiing thanks to Barb Pettinger - my grade two teacher who thought I would enjoy skiing (boy was she ever right!).
 2- What accomplishments are you most proud of? [these can be sport related- but don't necessarily have to be!]
  Cracking into the top 20 a couple times at Nationals last year in Newfoundland is an accomplishment I am very happy with. I'm also proud of our senior girls relay team for winning gold at Ofsaa!
3- What major goals are you working towards right now?
 Unfortunately I suffered mono a few months ago so I haven't been training nearly as much as I used to. For that reason, my primary goal right now is to get back onto a daily training schedule, rebuild my strength and confidence and to join a ski team next year while I'm at university. My school related goal is to graduate the University of Ottawa in 3 more years with my bachelor of science specializing in human kinetics and possibly go to med school afterwards.
 4- If you had 3 tips for people what would they be? [some tricks, tips, or solid pieces of advice you've learnt over the years].
  A good piece of advice that I got from my coach, Peter Wiltmann is that you should always have a mini goal for each practise. Make every practise count and learn something, even if it the smallest thing. Don't forget to have fun as well! Another neat tip that really helped me was to visualize the course and make a solid race plan the night before a competition; having a plan makes race day go a lot smoother. One final word of advice is to always believe in yourself, have courage to follow your dreams/goals and never give up. You can do it.
 5- What's something people may not know about you?
  Something people may not know about me is that I was a member of the Canadian Junior National Dragon Boat Team in 2011 and 2013. It took a great amount of hard work and dedication to get there but it was definitely worth it. They were unbelievable experiences. If you already knew that, then another thing about me is that I'm not a huge fan of cats.
Hope thats sort of what you were looking for, it was a good way to procrastinate ha.
Of course you can add a picture, I love pictures!

See you in a couple more weeks (I'm so excited to ski!!),
 Coach peter: "Classic Shayna! All the best in your recovery"