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Shayna's update November 2015
Claire (left) and Shayna in University trainng camp June 2015Claire (left) and Shayna in University trainng camp June 2015

Hey Peter, hope all is well and you're enjoying the snow! My mom's been sending me pictures and I'm so jealous! Here’s a quick story about the past few crazy years of my life! 

 Back in grade 12 I got early acceptance to university so I decided to focus on skiing during second semester. My training paid off - I was satisfied with my races’ results and at the end of the season I got sponsored by One Way. By the time June rolled around, I graduated and all was well...

In August, I suffered from mono. I got it really bad. I was not allowed to do any physical activity for nearly 2 months which was incredibly devastating. My fitness level dropped a ton and I did not continue with skiing (therefore I lost my sponsorship). Being sick for weeks really threw me out of the loop; the doctor had suggested that I differ from school until January but I didn’t want to. I was so excited for university and just wanted to start at the same time as everyone else. I battled through first year, which was very difficult mentally and physically and words can’t describe how much I missed my team.   

I got back into the swing of things in the summer and now I am here. I’m in second year, I joined the university’s rowing team and I’m so happy to be part of a team again. We had practice at 5 every morning (never felt more alive for those 8:30 classes!). I also helped create a Nordic ski team at the University of Ottawa!! We are now an official club and practices are underway yay. School is going much better too. Life is back on track.

So my fellow friends, remember that life happens, take the time to recover, regenerate yourself and keep following that path to success!

That’s all for now, so excited to be home at Christmas.