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Shayna with Blackfeather in 2016Shayna with Blackfeather in 2016

June 17, 2017

Hey Peter,

How are things? I hope life and ski practises are going well and everyone is doing great. I was talking to Ghislain not long ago and hear there are still lots of rabbits. Sorry I took an ice age to respond - I didn't forget though!

Life is awesome here. I have been busy working with Black Feather again this year. I am in Parry Sound for a couple more weeks before I leave for trips; the first one is on the Dumoine River near Quebec, then I head up to Baffin Island at the end of July. I'm hoping to get out for a roller ski sometime in the near future. Sport has 110% impacted my life super positively! Adaptability is a main skill that I learned through ski racing that really helps me in daily life endeavors... it's handy to be able to stay calm and collected (most of the time ah) when plans are changing left, right and centre! I took so may other things away from skiing that I will be forever thankful for. 

Anyway, I better check my school email and do all that school stuff that hasn't been done. My plans change quite frequently but as of now, I'm thinking of taking a 5th year for my undergrad, then maybe taking a year off to travel, and then doing a 2 year masters/graduate program... so the education path is still pretty lengthy! Oh one more thing, I got the job as a student trainer (so I tape them, deal with injuries, etc) for the University of Ottawa varsity women's basketball team. So I will be involved with sport in a different way for the following year which is super exciting!

Take care,