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 Update April 8, 2017

Katie is 25 today, Happy Birthday. Here is her update:

Hey Peter! Thanks so much for the birthday shoutout! 

Well…my most recent update: I drove to H....... early this morning to try and ski. The folks at the desk told me that they were closed and that I couldn’t ski, but there was so way that I was going to have driven that far and not skied.  So I hiked over to the Meadowlands, strapped on my skis and got a solid 2 hour crust ski in.  There were some powdery sections as Barrie got some snow last night but overall really great ski! Every year I always hope that there will be snow long enough to ski on my birthday.  Maybe you shouldn’t mention to anybody at H.... that I was skiing there today…I don’t think they would like that. 
I’ll write up some updated answers to those questions in the next few days! 



                                                                  Katrina Madden, racing at 2014 OUA's for Waterloo University

Hey Peter, 

Sorry this is late reply, but I really wanted to do this! 
Here we go.
- Katie Madden, 22 yrs. old and currently living in Waterloo, ON.
I started skiing around gr. 9 and got involved with the high school team and haven’t stopped skiing since (10 yrs.).  I do prefer skate technique because I can go fast, but I’m learning to love classic skiing just as much— there’s nothing better than a nice, long classic ski out on the Beaver on a crisp February day.  My first experience with ski racing was watching an elementary school race at the Georgian Nordic, and I thought to myself ‘hey, I want to give that a try’. Started racing in gr.9 and have been hooked ever since.  What I love about racing of course is that you get to go super fast! Skiing is such a beautiful movement and there’s just something about being able to get out there and do it on a race course that is such an adrenaline rush.  I love that competition pushes me to be the best that I can be, both while racing and also in preparation, executing a perfect pre-race plan/warmup, being rested the night before, etc.  My favourite thing about racing however, is watching it all come together on race day.  Knowing how hard you’ve trained all year, putting in long training hours and technique work, it’s an incredible feeling being on the start line knowing that you’ve given it your best shot, all the work has been done and all you have to do is put a smile on your face, get out there and give’er! 
It’s easy in competition sometimes to get caught up in results, or get really bummed out if your race day doesn’t go well, but it’s something that over time you learn to balance.
Being a student-athlete also isn’t easy. When school gets busy sometimes that training has to give a little bit, but training is also a great break from school.  It always feels so good to get out there and train after a long day of studying.  This year I am in my last year of school, and training as hard as I can while studying.  I will be competing this year, heading to Vermont for the US super tour,  OUA’s, Easterns and Nationals, as well as some smaller Ontario races.
I will 100% be skiing for my whole life! As long as I can walk, I will definitely be skiing :) 
Phew, I think I covered everything! Thanks Peter for getting this together, I hope you got some great responses! 
Maybe we’ll see you guys at the Yuletide race this weekend? 
Katie classic racing for Waterloo U. Ontario Cup in Sudbury 2012