Track Attack - Racing Rabbits

 Photo courtesy Thom Morrissey

Hello Jackrabbit families...

As the skiing season approaches and Jackrabbit sign up date is near, it is time for your jackrabbits to think about how much skiing they would like to do this winter... The “Track Attack - Racing Rabbit” program at Georgian Nordic is an option that your child might be interested in. Here is some information regarding “Racing Rabbit” skiing:

  1. It is geared for kids in the “learning to train” development age. Technically for boys ages 9 to 12 and girls ages 8 to 11, and we keep skiers in Racing Rabbits until the end of grade 8.

  2. The ski practices are on Saturday morning and Wednesday after school at Georgian Nordic.

  3. Skiers will train in both classic and skate techniques. It is preferable to own classic skis and skate skis.

  4. Skiers are invited to participate in local and regional cross-country ski races (about seven events including elementary school races).

  5. Coaching is provided by certified coaches.

  6. The winter program cost $80.00 plus a GNSCC Membership.

You can sign up for Track-Attack: Racing Rabbits when you buy your membership online by December 23rd (Membership cost goes up on December 3rd).

For more information check out the Cross-country Canada website for learning to train stage (we do not do all that but it is our goal to get there) at .

Or contact Ghislain Henry at 746-6265 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1. What is the Racing Rabbits program in the winter month?

The Racing Rabbit program in the winter consists of ski practices on Saturday during the regular Jackrabbit time and on Wednesday after school. All ski practices are at Georgian Nordic Ski Club.

Furthermore, Racing Rabbits are invited to participate in local (Southern Ontario Division) skiing events (usually on Sundays) and in the Ontario Midget Championships (A provincial race weekend for kids age 10 to 14). A schedule will be available by mid-December.

2. What if my child is not skate skiing yet?

There are some younger skiers who participate in the fall dry land program but are not proficient at skate skiing yet. Those skiers should probably sign up for the level 4 Jackrabbit program. Those skiers are still welcome to ski with Racing Rabbits on Wednesdays or with their Elementary School ski program.

3. Does my child have to race?

Racing Rabbit skiers do not have to participate in all races. Skiers are encouraged to participate in events when they are ready. It is much more important for skiers to focus on improving their technique and fitness. This being said, racing is one of the favorite games of these rabbits…

4. Are there Georgian Nordic jerseys for Racing Rabbits?

We have a team set of GNSCC jerseys that we lend to Racing Rabbits. We usually give a jersey to kids when they attend their first event, and they return the jersey at the end of the season. You can also buy your own jersey.

5. What equipment does my child need?

It is preferable for Racing Rabbits to have skate skis and classic skis. “Combi skis” can work for younger skiers. Kids do not need “high performance” equipment. “Ski swaps” or talking to local skiing families is a great way to get second hand skis that will work well for the Racing Rabbit program.

6. Does my child need a GNSCC membership?

YES. To participate in the winter Racing Rabbit program, kids need to have a GNSCC membership (a student membership or be part of a family membership). The GNSCC membership registration form is attached. You can also buy you membership online, just click on this “Become a Member”  

7. How do I sign up? How much does it cost?

You can sign up for Track-Attack: Racing Rabbits when you buy your membership online by December 23rd (Membership cost goes up on December 3rd).