Track Attack - Racing Rabbits


Track-Attack: Racing Rabbits – 2016-2017

It has been another great season for the Track-Attack – Racing Rabbits at Georgian Nordic. This is a Jackrabbit program that is offered for boys and girls ages 10 to 14 who wish to improve their fitness, learn to ski better, and participate in Southern Ontario District cross-country skiing races.

From September to December, we had 31 kids participating in our dry-land training sessions every Wednesday after school and Saturday morning. This past winter, there were 26 skiers who skied and participated in various events with great names such as the Yuletide Blast at Highlands Nordic, The Muskoka Loppet at Arrowhead Nordic, the Midland Ski Cross, the Sounder Ski Tour and many more… Fourteen skiers from Georgian Nordic also participated in the Ontario Midget Championships at Kawartha Nordic.

Finally, we kept skiing until April 1st because skiing is what we like to do until the snow is mostly all gone! Thank you for all the support Racing Rabbits get from Georgian Nordic, and thank you to all the parents who help every week at every practice! Next dry land session for Track Attack – Racing Rabbits will begin on Wednesday September 20th.

Ghislain Henry