Trail Details



Another successful ski season is winding down. We had the trails open in early December they lasted until April, over 115 days of skiing. Once again the Partridge and Lynx were the most used trails and were in good condition most days. The ski play park was also well used. Warmer than normal weather made the back trails harder to groom due to wet sections that refused to freeze over but all the trail work completed in the summer months made a difference and the secondary trails remained open to the end. The Beaver and Long Otter still needed a great deal of work. The trend in clubs across Canada is to have well drained graded trails, this ensures better skiing conditions all winter long. The club recognizes this and is working hard to improve the trail system. We are always in need of gravel, fill, culverts and cash to enhance our trails.  

We had special events almost every week and this also increased the need for extra grooming, but our trail team rose to the many challenges and did a great job. The Board has approved the purchase of a new Ginnzu Groomer and track setter for next year and this will be a great addition to our department.

We have begun putting away the winter equipment and getting ready to start trail work over the spring and summer, so if your out on the trails be aware that we will be cutting trees and driving heavy equipment on the trail system, use extreme caution as we do not always see you. Get Out Doors has some big events planned this summer and will have some mountain bike trails open soon so why not give this great activity a try. We will be working closely with Bike club volunteers to improve the trail system.